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We can only give away what we receive

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For many years, Townshippers Foundation has collected funds and distributed them to worthy local initiatives. We are now in the process of reviewing requests for the funding of local projects for 2016. 

We are always impressed with the creativity of the Township’s population and the ideas they generate in an effort to improve the quality of life in the region. We received a request for projects and all levels of the monetary scale; many are quite modest but we also received requests from others who dream on a large scale. 

A good portion of our project proposals are youth or literacy-oriented, others address the needs of seniors but lately, we see that more and more initiatives crossover several categories. For example, last year an elementary school, working on a very small budget, wanted their students to learn more about traditional crafts such as woodworking, knitting and other hands-on skills. They invited the community into the school to help with these activities, which resulted in seeing youth, seniors and families all working together; a fine example of intergenerational cooperation! 

It is our goal to grant funds to projects that cover a large part of the historic townships. This year we have received requests from Richmond to Stanstead, Georgeville to Knowlton, Compton, Waterville Lennoxville and stops in between. Many projects benefit the only residents of their towns but reach out to those in surrounding areas as well, and thus include and serve a larger population. 

We do have a limited budget, so we do our best to be fair and thoughtful when dispensing funds. To that end, we tend to favour proposals that can accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number of Townshippers. The Board of Directors takes great pride in their responsibility as stewards of the monies we received. 

Decisions concerning grants are made in early March and letters informing recipients are sent out as soon after the board meeting. Held each year, our Gant Giving Luncheon allows us to meet those receiving the funding and to learn even more about the individuals involved. It also gives people from different areas and committees the opportunity to hear what others are doing and allows them to network and discuss best practices. This has become a very positive day for the Board and local groups; a win-win, to say the least. 

The 2016 luncheon will take place on April 15th in Magog. To help us ensure we have enough refreshments, guests are asked to RSVP with our office by April 7th.

To make a donation you can mail cheques to our office or make secure online donations through our website.