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30 YEARS; an achievement

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We may be a small Foundation but, thanks to you, the Townshippers’ Research and Cultural Foundation (TRCF) contribution to the Townships community has had a big influence. Donations received over the past three decades have helped local-based initiatives, run by volunteers, have a lasting influence.

Literacy, culture, research, seniors, youth, art, theatre, cultural trips, and the list goes on. The array of projects, both large and small, produced through the imagination and creativity of Townshippers never ceases to amaze.

Evolving with our community

While raising and dispersing grants is still our primary focus, we are finding other ways to help support our community and increase our funds.

Giving always feels good, but sometimes donors want a little more bang for their buck such as enjoying the benefits of charitable tax receipts. Unfortunately for many small groups wanting to raise their own funds, they are unable to issue tax receipts potentially losing donors. The TRCF now works with these groups, through a Partnerships Agreement, to issue receipts giving donors another incentive to give. Of course, these small projects must meet the same criteria as we use for TRCF-funded projects, but this really is a win-win situation for us all as we enjoy a small percentage to cover our costs and the local group can solicit more money.

We also now have a discount brokerage account providing another way to support our Townships community! Those wishing to make a donation to our general fund or to a specific partnership can arrange to have shares transferred to our account. The advantage of making a donation with shares is that you, the donor, do not pay any capital gains but you will receive a tax receipt for the amount transferred.

You may have been wondering what has happened to the official launch of our annual campaign. Since we now spend the whole year campaigning for funds, we have chosen to host only one special event each year – our annual grant-giving luncheon. Held in spring, this event gives us the chance to meet the people behind the projects. Guests share ideas, we learn about the great things happening in the Eastern Townships and grant recipients are able to network with each other often sparking new ideas for future collaborations.

When welcoming our recipients, we often express how much we wish we could give each and every project more funds, but, we can only give what we receive. A grant recipient at this year’s luncheon very kindly said that we should “never apologize for giving away money but should take pride in those that (we) can assist.” We are indeed very proud – of our donors, of these projects and of our small part in connecting the two.

Our first logo was created 30 years ago by local graphic artist Joe Ford. We returned to Joe to help us celebrate this milestone anniversary with a new logo. We look forward to another 30 years of Townshippers’ helping Townshippers’!

To make a donation, mail cheques to Townshippers Foundation, 100 – 257 Queen Street, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1K7.

Secure online donations can be made directly on You can also find us at, just search for Townshippers’ Foundation.
To contact the Foundation call 819-822-3314 or email

 Jane Loiselle, President, TRCF