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The impact of your support

The impact of your support

Since 1987, Townshippers Foundation has made over $1 million in grants to over 65 community organizations and projects. In their own words, some of our past grant recipients share what your donations mean to them.

Grateful thanks are in order for the very generous donation made by the Townshippers Research and Cultural Foundation to help fund the cost of the Afterschool Art Program which will start again in the fall at Uplands. Last year’s winter session was so successful and deeply appreciated by the young participants that we elected to offer it again this fall if our finances permitted it. We sometimes forget just how enjoyable and important it is for our youth to find creative and artistic outlets, and it is easy to lose sight of the arts when there seem to be so many other compelling requests for funding. Being able to provide this program not only helps us to fulfill our mandate as a cultural centre, it is quite simply a joy to watch the young artists at work, and to attend their exhibition at the end of the session. We are deeply indebted to TRCF for their help in this regard, because, frankly, we couldn’t have done it without you!

From Melanie Cutting, Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre

Butler’s Circus Of the Kids was a magical three weeks for the students, families and the community. The children achieved what they never dreamed they could .They felt great pride and a success, some for the first time .They worked harder then they ever have and together what they achieved was truly amazing . They shone!

Over 2000 people attended our sold out shows. It put Bedford on the map . More importantly it brought this community together as never before. This will not soon be forgotten by the 83 children involved, nor any of us. Townshippers’ Foundation has been so wonderful to us over the five years I have been here; supporting our playground, Family Literacy Book bags and now Circus of the Kids .It is generosity like yours that allows us to offer what we never could have – to produce magic!

From Renalee Gore, Butler Elementary School

In a largely rural community with a majority Francophone population, we assist English-speaking women to reach their full potential in an environment that is friendly, familiar and non-judgmental. Many women shy away from cultural activities because they are unfamiliar with the territories outside their immediate surroundings and have no companions to share the experience with. Funding from Townshippers’ Foundation to sponsor bus trips from our centre to various arts and cultural events have helped to create bonds of friendship and to introduce our members to the world of theatre and art throughout the Eastern Townships. Over the past year, we have seen more and more women being drawn into our group as a result of this project. Without Townshippers’ Foundation’s enthusiastic support, these outings would not have been possible.  

From Barbara Bellingham, Avante Women’s Centre

The Canadian Federation of University Women -Sherbrooke & District (CFUW –S&D) club has been involved in a fascinating project of preserving local educational history.  In the mid 1990’s, a project of oral history interviews of former teachers in one-room schoolhouses  in the Eastern Townships from the 1920’s – 1950’s was undertaken by some of our club members. In January 2006, this project was revived and thanks to lots of publicity gathered considerable momentum. Club volunteers interviewed over 60 former teachers, including several francophones, some students and even one inspector. These oral histories, along with a wealth of fascinating memorabilia received, will be added to the 1990’s material in the Eastern Townships Research Centre located at Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, QC.

We are now preparing to publish a book  entitled,  DAYS TO REMEMBER : One -room Schoolhouses in the Eastern Townships of Quebec .We  hope this keepsake edition will be ready in the fall of 2007, just in time  to celebrate our club’s 40th anniversary in 2008. The experiences and reminiscences recorded are fascinating and we are pleased as a CFUW group to be dedicated to preserving and celebrating this important history of education in the Townships.  

The grants received from the Townshippers’ Foundation represent a major contribution toward our goal of a publication. Moreover, we have been very appreciative that the Foundation’s Partnership Program has enabled more people to learn about our project and become motivated to make a donation – this is a fine example of community team spirit. Sincere thanks on behalf of CFUW-S&D!

From Bev Taber Smith and Carol McKinley, One-room Schoolhouse Project

The generous support from the Townshippers’ Foundation has been an incredible gift, not only to the Council, but to the families with children who have benefited from the Summer Reading Camp. 
Townshippers’ Foundation has made it possible for the Yamaska Literacy Council to amplify the benefits of  Summer Reading Camp by teaching other community partners how to plan and host a reading camp – true to the  Each One Teach One philosophy that guides the Council in all its work. Thank you to the Townshippers’ Foundation for making a difference. 

From Wendy Seys, Yamaska Literacy Council:

By providing funding for a community forum through the Tools for Life Project in Stanstead, Townshippers’ Foundation played an important role by enabling us to clearly identify needs within the community and to begin building the community’s own capacity to identify and implement solutions. 
In preparing for the Community Forum, the young women of the Tools for Life project explored key issues and resources within their community, identified main areas of concern and planned for the forum. They invited and engaged the community in a round-table discussion of issues and possible solutions. Most importantly, these young women found new ways to test their limits and to build greater awareness of their own ability to positively affect change within their community. Their efforts will benefit the entire community, both today and in the future. 

From Nancy Beattie, Tools for Life

Thanks to the support from the Townshippers’ Foundation, Border Communities Youth Club has been able to affect the lives of 150 children in the Stanstead area in a positive way.  The financial support has made it possible for us to offer a homework club and fun and educational activities, outings and workshops. Most importantly, it has enabled us to continue our services to the youth in our area.

From the Executive Committee, Border Communities Youth Club

I have been conducting acting classes with the local youth aged 9 to 16 on Saturday afternoons.  These young people have a wonderful flair for the dramatic and due to cutbacks in their schools many of them don’t have the opportunity to be involved in any theatrical endeavor.  These classes give them a strong outlet for their creativity. Without the help of Townshippers’ Foundation, it would have been impossible to cover the rent of our rehearsal hall and the cost of the classes themselves would have been prohibitive for several of our youth.

From Laurel Thomson, Lennoxville Drama Classes

With help from Townshippers’ Foundation, Townships Expressions continues to invigorate the region’s cultural life by supporting and encouraging writers, publishers and musicians. Townships Expressions displays and sells local works year-round and holds two annual receptions, featuring readings, music, refreshments and a sales table. These events let the public meet local authors and musicians and become aware of their endeavors, and give the writers, publishers and musicians an opportunity to network with each other.

This past year, over $6,600 worth of books and CDs were sold through Townships Expressions. Because Townshippers’ Foundation generously funded the events and Townshippers’ Association supplied volunteer and staff labour, all proceeds from sales were given back to the authors and musicians.

From Brenda Hartwell, Townships Expressions

A Final Thought

You play an important role for so many in our community. Without your investment, many organizations would not be able to accomplish their goals. You make it possible for us to learn about the past, enjoy the work of local artists, help our kids to develop a passion for new topics, and give our caregivers more support. To all of our funders, thank you for the amazing work you are doing in partnering with us to make a difference.