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The Townships Sun

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The Townships Sun

Belonging and Culture, Empowerment and Success

The Sun’s project spans the Arts, Heritage, and Youth sectors

2022 Projects

(1) To engage English-speaking youth in the Eastern Townships who are interested in writing, photography and art and encourage them to participate in their community magazine, the Townships Sun.

(2) To help participants develop their creative voice and eye while clarifying the voice of the Townships Sun as a community/creative magazine, and opening up possibilities for young writers, artists and photographers who want their work to be published in magazines – the Townships Sun or others.

AboutThe Townships Sun is an English-language non-profit community magazine that explores the life and culture of the English-speaking communities in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Its mission is to promote Townships living while, through the publication of a magazine, encouraging the full participation of English-speaking community members in the life of Quebec society.