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Support for your projects

Improving lives and enhancing our community


Townshippers Foundation is proud to support a variety of initiatives that benefit neighbouring communities. We fulfill the philanthropic legacies of our donors who have entrusted us with their charitable dollars by supporting projects and programs with local impact. For some, these grants are the seed funding needed to launch grassroots that address local concerns, improve lives and enhance community.

Additionally, we consider partnership support three times a year.

Grants & Partnerships

Each year, Townshippers’ Foundation allocates the funds generated from donations and legacies to grants allowing a variety of projects to come to life. 

Generally, the Foundation supports organizations and programs that have the potential to support people and families across generations and across sectors.

These projects can provide access to education or health care, or address needs of people who face barriers, but they all enhance the quality of life in the historical Eastern Townships. 

Examples of funded projects include:

  • improving the quality of life for people in the community
  • encouraging young people to engage in their communities
  • promoting literacy
  • boosting creativity through art, drama, and music
  • fostering education and assistance in mental and physical health
  • expanding community organization resources such as libraries, historical societies, and museums
  • promoting cultural exchanges between English-speaking and French-speaking people

While raising and disbursing grants is our primary focus, we also help groups or organizations without registered charitable status. 

Giving always feels good, but sometimes donors want a little more “bang for their buck,” such as enjoying the benefits of charitable tax receipts. Unfortunately, many small groups working to raise their own funds are unable to issue tax receipts. 

The Foundation works with these groups, through a Partnerships Agreement, to issue receipts giving donors another incentive to give. 

These small projects must meet the same criteria as the projects supported by grants.

To be eligible for funding from Townshippers’ Foundation, or a partnership agreement, applications must:

  • fall into the social investment themes of health, social services, arts, heritage,
    youth, education or research;
  • provide the greatest good for the greatest number; and
  • avoid duplication of projects carried out by other organizations

Grant applications are accepted from June 1 until the following January 31, each year. All applicants are notified about the status of their application in March.

Partnership applications are accepted three times per year: January 31, June 1, and October 1.

To apply for a grant or partnership, download an application form, read then submit completed applications and supplementary information.

If you have questions about your application or the process, get in touch: