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Everyone can be empowered to realize their potential.

Infusing resources into activities that support literacy, student enrichment, and information access gives us the support, encouragement, wisdom, and experience to understand our true capacity. We are committed to empowering community members by providing grants for projects and activities that enhance our community through education, research, and youth.

Learn about some of the initiatives and projects supported by grants below.

Bibliothèque Lennoxville Library

2022 Project: To bring library kids’ programs and activities outside the walls of the library. We will create a mobile “library kiosque” that will include bookshelves, tables, chairs, activity mats, as well as a selection of games, puzzles, and educational toys. Youth

AboutFor 100 years now, a small staff and a large number of volunteers have helped make a wide variety of literature available to the people of Lennoxville. The Mission of the Library:

To provide free access to books, resources, activities, and services in both English and French to the residents of Sherbrooke, and at an affordable cost for non-residents.

To be responsive to the needs of the community by providing opportunities to meet, learn, create and grow.

Colby-Curtis Museum

2022 Project: To equip the museum’s new education room which aims to bring quality learning resources to children which will narrow cultural and educational gaps.

AboutThe Colby-Curtis Museum is dedicated to preserving, interpreting and presenting the history, heritage and culture of the border regions of the Eastern Townships.



Farnham Elementary School

2022 Project: To enable boys to form more communicative and collaborative relationships with each other. Often, we see boys in a constant state of competition with one another and our goal is to provide an opportunity for an environment in which they can work together for common goals and interests.

About: Farnham Elementary is a unique rural school of approximately 75 students.  Our program of studies ranges from pre-kindergarten (4-year-olds) to cycle 3.  On the playground, in the cafeteria, or in the classroom you will hear students and staff speaking English and French.  Farnham Elementary is truly a bilingual school and receives good community support from parents and businesses.  In fact, community businesses fund our Breakfast Program through generous donations.  Our strong school team approach results in several school-wide projects and activities throughout the year.



Héritage Sutton

2022 Project: Le projet vise principalement les objectifs suivants;

– the preservation of an original tale, Si Rosette pouvait parler;

–  its dissemination on a larger scale thanks to transposition into digital format;

– its enrichment through the addition of digitized iconographic elements and special effects;

About: Héritage Sutton retraces, preserves, interprets and shares information that paints a vivid picture of Sutton and its inhabitants.

Missisquoi Historical Society (Missisquoi Museum)

2022 Project: Our project is a two-pronged educational and interpretation tools project that we would like to accomplish to continue our educational mission of disseminating our local and regional history.

About: Headquartered in an 1830 three-story red-brick grist mill in Stanbridge East, the Missisquoi County Museum features exhibitions and education programmes which explore the many individuals and events that contributed to the historic development of Missisquoi County.



Phelps Aide Phelps Helps

2022 Project:  To continue the free one-week educational summer day camp in August for ages 10 to 13 to help students ease back into the school year. The summer camp focuses on STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, math) and local excursions to increase a local and regional sense of pride.

About: Phelps Aide Phelps Helps was founded in 2012 to expressly combat the unacceptably high drop-out rates in the Stanstead area of Quebec. Since its founding, the organization has grown organically from a single high school tutoring program to six individual programs aimed at providing educational and career support. 



Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network

2022 Project: To fund QAHN’s 6th “Heritage Talks Online,” the hugely successful series features presentations by 17 historians and heritage specialists on a wide range of historical subjects. 

About: The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) is a non-profit, non-partisan, province-wide organization engaged with its members in the preservation and promotion of the history, heritage and culture of Quebec — and, in particular, of Quebec’s English-speaking communities. QAHN strives to advance the knowledge of the history, heritage and culture of those communities by informing, inspiring and connecting people through its activities and services.



The Townships Sun

The Sun’s project spans the Arts, Heritage, and Youth sectors

2022 Projects

(1) To engage English-speaking youth in the Eastern Townships who are interested in writing, photography and art and encourage them to participate in their community magazine, the Townships Sun.

(2) To help participants develop their creative voice and eye while clarifying the voice of the Townships Sun as a community/creative magazine, and opening up possibilities for young writers, artists and photographers who want their work to be published in magazines – the Townships Sun or others.

AboutThe Townships Sun is an English-language non-profit community magazine that explores the life and culture of the English-speaking communities in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Its mission is to promote Townships living while, through the publication of a magazine, encouraging the full participation of English-speaking community members in the life of Quebec society.



Townshippers’ Association

The Association carries out a variety of projects and activities across sectors. 

Cultural Development & Heritage Projects: To maintain existing and engage in new initiatives that maximize support for and recognition of the ESC’s cultural heritage and artistic identity within the community at large. These projects aim to improve the quality of life for people in the community, promote creativity through art, drama and music, expand the resources of culturally oriented community organizations, and promote cultural exchanges between English-speaking and French-speaking people.

Youth Projects:

  • Act as a resource for Eastern Townships organizations working to improve the lives of youth in the Townships (Carrefour Jeunesse Emplois, Place aux Jeunes en Region, Maison des Jeunes/Youth Centers, Phelps Helps, etc);
  • Carry out Young Townships Leaders Awards to honour youth aged 15-35 with leadership qualities. Feature their stories through our online and print media;
  • Carry out the 9th annual Excel in the Estrie essay contest and short film contest for regional high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education in the Estrie 

About: Townshippers’ Association is a non-profit, non-partisan community organization focused on promoting and supporting the interests of the English-speaking community.



Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre

2022 ProjectThe aim of this project is to showcase Uplands’ educational collection by creating an inventory which will allow us to develop educational workshops. These workshops, in which local senior tea tradition experts will be key references, will contribute to the sustainability of this local tradition within its community, as well as the promotion of this linguistic minority heritage to a more diverse audience, such as younger generations.

About: Housed in a stately and elegant heritage house in Sherbrooke (1862), Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre combines history with local cultural and artistic traditions. The centre generates a sense of community spirit and acts as a base for creative activities for its members, its user groups and the community at large. Uplands is a unique cultural establishment – we exhibit the works of regional artists, the English tea experience (group rates), various cultural activities, as well as an impressive collection of antiques belonging to the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society.