Planned Giving

Bequests are the best-known way to make a Planned Gift to the Foundation. Your gift provides lasting support to the Foundation while providing tax benefits to your estate.Ā There are other ways to make a gift and benefit from the tax advantages associated with this type of donation.

Legacy, Memorial, and Endowments

The Foundation may be named or selected as a charity of choice through your estate. Looking for some moreĀ information about the various ways you can leave a gift to a charity of choice? The Canadian Finance Blog has a greatĀ article outlining the various options available.

In Memoriam Donations:

In Memoriam Donations honour the memory of a loved one, friend, co-worker. Your donation will support the vision of the Townshippers’Ā Foundation. You will receive a tax receipt and if you provide a postal or emailĀ address, a card will be sent to the family notifying them of your donation.

In Honour Donations:

In Honour Donations highlight a special moment or event in the life of a person such as a birth, a promotion, a wedding or birthday. This is an excellent way to show appreciation for someone while supporting an important cause. If you provideĀ a valid postal or email address, Townshippers’ Foundation will send a card to the person honoured and mention the donation made in his or her honour.Ā An official receipt for income tax purposes will be issued to the donor.


Donations of marketable securities are an appealing option. Capital gains on publicly traded securities can be significantly reduced when gifted to Townshippers’ Foundation. Eligible securities include shares, bills, futures and units in mutual funds that are traded on the Canadian exchange. Once they have been transferred, they are sold and the donor will receive tax benefits for the stock value at the time of the transaction. To make a securities donation today, click the green button to be taken to CanadaHelps secure site.
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For more information contact Townshippers’ Foundation Ā at 819-822-3314 or email