Each year, Townshippers’ Foundation allocates the funds generated from donations and legacies to grants allowing a variety of projects to come to life. From after-school support for youth, helping heritage groups launch activities, supporting the work of health and social services groups, and so much more, these funds have a big impact!

Applications are accepted from June 1 until the following January 31, each year. All applicants are notified about the status of their application in March and are presented with their grant at an annual luncheon – usually held in Magog – each April.

Generally, the Foundation provides grants to grassroots projects and organizations which enhance the quality of life in their communities in the historical Eastern Townships.

In order to be eligible for funding from Townshippers’ Foundation, grants applications must:

  • enhance the quality of life through the following categories; arts, education, health, heritage, research, social services, or youth;
  • have a wide impact in the community.
  • cannot duplicate existing projects carried out by other organizations in the region.

Examples of projects funded include those:

  • which improve the quality of life for people in the community.
  • that encourage young people to engage in their communities.
  • that promote literacy.
  • that promote creativity through art, drama, and music.
  • that provide education and assistance in mental and physical health.
  • that expand the resources of community organizations such as libraries, historical societies, and museums.
  • that promote the cultural exchanges between English-speaking and French-speaking people


Grant applications are accepted via email until January 31.