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Your Funds In Action
Gentiane BĂ©langer, Director/Curator
Gentiane BĂ©langer, Director/CuratorForeman Art Gallery, Bishop's University
The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University is thankful to the Townshippers’ Foundation for financially supporting our Summer Art Camp at the Community Art Lab. This summer, 85 kids took part in our activities. It also gave the opportunity to two Fine Arts and Education students to gain a valuable work experience.
Townshippers Foundation
Grateful thanks for the very generous [grant] to help fund the cost of the After school Art Program at Uplands. Being able to provide this program not only helps us to fulfill our mandate as a cultural centre, it is quite simply a joy to watch the young artists at work, and to attend their exhibition at the end of the session. We are deeply indebted to TRCF for their help, because, frankly, we couldn't have done it without you!



We’d like to thank you for your generous donations and support because without your contribution our community would not be the same. >>